Passepartout presentation event

24 Apr Passepartout presentation event

Huge crowds, success and high satisfaction for the first public appearance of Passepartout, held yesterday, at the Showroom Moschillo in Piazza di Spagna 35, the Passepartout Presentation Event.
In the heart of the capital, the four companies presented the project Passepartout.
Over 150 present among celebrities, businessmen, celebrities for the presentation of the new Luxury Hotel Contract.

A new concept of supply, based on skills and synergies to coordinate quality performance and shared that ensure differentiation from the competition and create competitive advantage for a hit to “5 stars”.
Interesting evening which was attended by many Roman business representatives, professionals, institutional representatives, personalities from the world of show business and faces the press note.
The second presentation of the project PasseParTout event will be held in Milan on May 21 at the Atelier by John Richmond in Via Sant’Andrea 18.