PasseParTout arrives to Milan

21 Mag PasseParTout arrives to Milan

Saverio Moschillo supports excellence made in Italy with PasseParTout project.

Moschillo, famous Italian entrepreneur, will host on May 21 in Milan showroom of John Richmond in Via Sant’Andrea 18 from 19, the presentation of PasseParTout, new platform entirely dedicated to the world of Luxury Hotels.

Companies involved in PasseParTout a are Grazia Vecchione Deco, Picariello and Madrigalia, all companies from Campania, native land of Saverio Moschillo. “Picariello and Madrigalia are two examples of excellence in production of an important district of the Italian territory, Irpinia, actually I know, as I know the energy of its workforce,” says Moschillo.

The idea of ​​joining, came from these four realities, seeks to develop and export the dna made in Italy. A commitment and an effort to support and promote.

Tourism and the Italians art of hospitality are among our strengths, “concludes Saverio Moschillo.” PasseParTout wants to be a creative platform that will put itself at the forefront to support this vital cultural and economic aspects of our Italianity. The choice of a French name is not accidental. The word PasseParTout actually is a term that has no linguistic and territorial boundaries. Understood and known worldwide.