Madrigalia has been delivering communication since 2003. Creativity and innovation, passion and professionalism, and last, but not least, an eye to the ever-changing market are the pillars of this company whose main goal is promoting the image of its clients through the latest channels of communications. Madrigalia’s organizational chart boasts young professionals specialized in computing and communication whose professional and personal skills are anchored in many years of experience in local, regional, and national Media. Upon conducting a debriefing session with its clients, whereby it listens to their needs and wishes, Madrigalia takes the lead in finding a solution to their desires and demands. Indeed, Madrigalia’s success is mainly due to its ability to offer customers a multifaceted approach, there to deliver effective and efficient public-relation, marketing, and advertising campaigns, in tune with the company’s mission, and never losing sight of its target, i.e., the client.

Half a century of success stories, all backed up by customers’ feedback, nationally as well as internationally. A 5-star, business reputation. Picariello  has been on the market for over fifty years providing top-notch furnishings for stores. It is the perfect blend of raw material, professionalism, and technology. Our portfolio includes clients from the most prestigious 5-star, tourist hotels and restaurants in Italy, as in the case of Capri, an island where our presence is renowned and synonymous with high quality. We are now ready to tackle the international market. At Picariello’s our customers can choose the latest designs from the most prestigious European brands, as Zanussi, Electrolux, Isa, and La San Marco, to name the most familiar names in the field. Finally, one of Picariello’s strong points is the technical assistance it provides to its customers, guaranteed by highly-qualified professionals who follow the entire lifecycle of the products sold, never abandoning their clients but rather, constantly providing feedback and recommendations on how to better preserve and upgrade their purchases. Contract, programming, and execution will be undertaken by Picariello Arredo Negozi, a name of reference in Italy when it comes to high-quality furnishings.

2C arredamenti  stems from over 40 years of passionate work, willingness and expertise in the furniture and design field. Since 1976, 2C Arredamenti has been creating beauty by promoting and enhancing made in Italy products and solutions.
It is not by chance that the brands exhibited in the Mercogliano (Avellino) showroom are the best in terms of quality, design and R&D and help the Italian excellencies stand out in the world, in terms of creativity, quality and innovation.
Ability to create long-lasting partnerships with its clients, efficient relationships and a customer-oriented approach, aimed at offering customised furniture solutions: these are the strong points making 2C Arredamenti a trusted partner for your design and furnishing needs.
This is also made possible by the many experienced architects and experts working with 2C Arredamenti, thus creating a professional synergy which allows the company to always deliver a unique project, customized for each single space. The professionals working with 2C Arredamenti base their philosophy on the assumption that each space, be it a house, an ancient mansion or a prestigious hotel, should be considered as a unique, one of a kind world for those living it and making it alive.

With more than seventy years of history, between tradition and innovation, company Miele Più is a landmark in the distribution of quality bathroom furniture, sanitaryware design, plumbing and systems in Campania.

When passion meets experience and the traditional values meet innovation, some great, successful projects are created, just like it occurred with the family’s entrepreneurial history: for three generations they have kept their name high in the field, standing out for their professionalism and great efficiency.

In Atripalda and Salerno, Miele Più boasts two showrooms and a 8,000 sqm exhibition space, with sky-high numbers: it furnished over 20,000 houses and made more than 45,000 families happy, also thanks to an endless choice of floors and wall tiles, marbles, mosaics and parquets, bathtubs and showers, bath furniture, wellness, plumbing, boilers and air conditioning systems of the most prestigious brands.

The know-how acquired over time, the high level of professionalism demonstrated on the field and the credibility gained make Miele Più a prestigious partner for the creation of sumptuous locations such as exclusive residences, luxury hotels and classy restaurants: quality, functionality and beauty are the company’s trademarks.